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How to be Smarter: Build a life so uniquely yours that no one can imagine anyone but you living it. Make your choices so intentionally and specifically tailored to your personality and your goals that it is impossible to conceive of anyone but you living the one specific life that you live. Your life should not be interchangeable with anyone else’s–and that’s a good thing because it means you are listening to your own specific heart, mind and values.

How to be Prettier: An SP&A Exclusive Discount code: With the promo code SPANDA10, you can get 10% off your order at Messes of Dresses. I have my eye on the Envious Bow Dress, the Sunflower Shirt, and the Marcel Loafers. (Coupon expires 5/14).

How to be (less) Awkward: A really cleverly written article on dignity [some profanity].

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How to be Smarter: If you self-identify as a sensitive soul, you have to be strict on who and what you let into your life. Being sensitive isn’t about being weak or a crybaby–it’s about knowing yourself well-enough to be aware of the types of behaviors and personalities that make you feel anxious or worried, and then being tough enough to say “no thanks” to being exposed to them.

How to be Prettier: I ordered these shoes in Clay Suede yesterday, and I love their practical, wearable take on two trends this spring: oxfords and neon (I actually got mine here, but then found them cheaper on Amazon).

How to be (less) Awkward: 13 Steps to Get Through a Rough Day. (My favorite? Step 5.)

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Over on 40:20 Vision, we are talking about Inspiring Women in Media. Come on over and share who inspires you! (Becky Quick from Squawk Box is one of my favorite media role models).

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How to be Smarter:  The people that get to the top of the success staircase first are the ones that keep moving their feet even if given the chance to ride an escalator. An opportunity to rise to the top should be used as a way to climb faster, not as a chance to relax on the ride up.

How to be Prettier: These foldable flats actually do fit in a purse, and are comfortable enough to walk in for medium distances (I walked like 20 blocks in them yesterday).

How to be (less) Awkward:  I think it’s sweet to treat a co-worker to a coffee or a lunch on the anniversary of the day they started working at the company. There is a special relationship that comes from sitting next to someone for 8 or 10 hours a day, and acknowledging their first day working at their current job is a nice way to celebrate that unique bond.

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How to be Smarter: 7 Tips to Help You Wake-up Faster (the last tip, Train Yourself, is something I would have never thought of before).

How to be Prettier: While you are paying at the nail salon, pull your keys out and put them in a jacket pocket so you don’t need to hunt through your purse with freshly done nails when you arrive home.

How to be (less) Awkward: How to be Popular at Work.

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