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How to be Smarter: I read this blog post about word usage a week ago, and it really touched me.

How to be Prettier: If there is a beauty product you are constantly forgetting, like sunscreen or wrinkle cream, put the container next to your toothbrush (or another item on the bathroom counter you use each day). Just having the forgotten product in plain sight makes it more likely to become a regular part of your beauty routine.

How to be (less) Awkward: How to be more interesting in ten steps (I really like the graphics).

January 17, 2012

11 Responses

  1. Jennifer M. says:

    Love the tip for prettier – but I go a step further and put the empty container in my purse, or take a photo of it with my cell phone.

  2. melissa says:

    You are still not working on my google reader! Help b.c I miss your posts

  3. N. says:

    I’m having Google Reader problems too! I used to get the full posts but now I only get a summary. I miss being able to read it through my Reader.

  4. Ashley says:

    I agree – bring back full posts in Google Reader!

  5. Heather says:

    Agree with the comments above! Love your writing and your blog but truly miss being able to read entire posts on Google Reader. Can you let us know if this is a permanent change?

  6. Clare says:

    Loved the link in today’s Smarter. Thanks for posting Molly!

  7. Emily says:

    I absolutely loved the blog that you linked about word usage! I am student teaching this semester and I full plan on using this blog as a deterrent for my students using the r-word. Thank you for posting such a straight-forward piece.

  8. Marlee says:

    When the abbreviated feed thing started, Molly said that it was permanent. You just have to click through, or if you’re looking at it on your phone, get the gReader app that allows the “web” view option.

  9. alli says:

    So happy you posted today :)

  10. Kenzie says:

    I LOVED your “How to Be Smarter”! One of my favorite professors uses the word “retarded” to describe how stupid her students are sometimes, and while many have pointed this out to her, I don’t think she fully understands how malicious her word usage is. This is a word usage trend that, in my opinion, needs to die.

  11. Mugdha says:

    Oooh, that Forbes list is awesome! Good picks today! =]

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