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How to be Smarter: Don’t let the amount of time you dread the task take longer than the task itself.

How to be Prettier: This entire site has beautiful earrings made especially for women with sensitive ears. I often wear dangly earrings at night as they are one of the easiest ways to go from a day look to a fancier look, and the long shape balances out my round face nicely. The particular pair I just linked to is mixed metals, which I love.

How to be (less) Awkward: If a hair stylist starts cutting and they are not doing what you had in mind, speak up after one or two snips. They will (usually) be happy to explain their methodology, and you can correct-course if it is not what you had in mind. Better to say something early on in the appointment, rather than leave feeling unhappy with the way your hair turned out. A simple, “may I see how much you’re cutting?” is usually all it takes for them to show you what they are doing.

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How to be Smarter: A relationship is a puppy, not a houseplant: it needs daily, not weekly, care.

How to be Prettier: I received a pair of these sandals in the mail from Fibi&Clo last Thursday, and I’ve worn them 4 out of the past 5 days (!). They are incredibly comfortable, and the jeweled strap makes them appropriate for both running errands and a casual night out.

How to be (less) Awkward: If someone is explaining something to you and you are confused, it’s easier to ask for clarification at that time than to hope the point becomes clearer to you after you walk away (and the informed person is no longer available as a reference point).

P.S. I am speaking at the 20SB Summit Conference on August 19-21 in Chicago, on the Laying the Foundation/ Creating a Community Around Your Blog panel. Please let me know on Twitter if I will see you there!

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How to be Smarter: You can have whatever anyone else has: you just might have to work longer, harder or smarter to get it. Just remember that whatever you are aspiring to (a great career, a great love, a great tennis game) will look different in your life compared to someone else’s, but that doesn’t make reaching for the goal any less special or any less worthwhile.

How to be Prettier: When you pour shampoo or liquid body wash into your hand, pour it into the shape of a heart. Then spend a second or two thinking about what you are grateful for and love about your hair and body.

How to be (less) Awkward: If you want to announce that you have reached a new level of Twitter followers (i.e. “I just got my 100th/500th/1000th follower!),  wait until you are 5-10 people over the number and then announce it, so even if people unfollow you after the announcement you will still have reached that goal number.

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How to be Smarter: To be successful, you have to: 1. do something well and 2. do something well that other people can’t (or won’t) do. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

How to be Prettier: Eco-friendly Brands (!) + Private Sales = Loving Eco. 

How to be (less) Awkward: I use FaceTime, a video chatting device, to communicate with family and friends that don’t live in the same city as I do. My favorite funny, joke-y way to say goodbye via video chat is by making my voice sound like I’m falling off a cliff (“Goodddddbbbyyyyeeeeeee” as my voice gets fainter) while slowly moving out of the video camera’s range, and once I’m off the screen clicking “end call.” 🙂

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How to be Smarter: In my experience, any ‘real’ problem always get sympathy and support from those you love. If you are finding it hard to get sympathy from others when sharing your problems, it might be time to ask yourself if what you are complaining about is valid. (A lack of sympathy from others usually means your problems aren’t that bad, which is a good thing).

How to be Prettier: Dresses and tops with open shoulders really work for me in the summer: breezy enough for hot weather but still providing some arm coverage when transitioning into chilly air conditioning.

How to be (less) Awkward: A way that works when talking through disagreements is to sit across from the person you are upset with, get a bunch of sticky-notes, and pass the notes back and forth with ideas and feelings written on them. You get the benefit of seeing the other person’s body language and instant reaction (which you don’t get with e-mail), but writing down thoughts can help the impulsive-talkers limit any too-harsh statements, and the shy feel more empowered to speak up via the written word.

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