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How to be Smarter: Amusing BBC article about people with names that have a double meaning.

How to be Prettier: A flower clip! I can’t wait to pin this in my hair and prance about town on Saturday night.

How to be (less) Awkward: Some people have more time on earth, and some people have less. Some people want to spend most of their time laying in the sun, and some people want to spend most of their time climbing corporate ladders. Neither way is right, and neither way is wrong. But be wary of hitching your wagon to someone whose choices about how they spend their time are dramatically different, or at odds, with yours.

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How to be Smarter: There are so many girls that I think are so cool, and wish I could be more like. Instead of being jealous of them, or spending hours stalking their facebook pictures wondering how I could be as awesome as them, I try to focus on what exactly about them I find so interesting, and make it applicable to my own life. Do I want a job like theirs? Time to update my resume. Do I want to look as fancy as them when I go out? Time to get a new pair of heels. Is their hair beautiful? Time for a trim for me. Try to focus on what can actually be changed to be a better version of yourself, instead of hoping you’ll wake up someone else.

How to be Prettier: A cute coin purse, hidden inside your professional-looking work purse, will make you smile each time you reach for it.

How to be (less) Awkward: Great site of all things retro, including my favorite, ’80’s commercials.

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 How to be Smarter: If someone was talking badly about your best friend, you would defend them. If someone downplayed your little sister’s accomplishments, you would correct them. You always stand up for people, and are loyal to people, that are important to you. So if someone is speaking ill or incorrectly about you, correct them. Nicely. But correct them. Don’t be afraid to be loyal to yourself and your intelligence and your heart—stand up for yourself. You know what you are capable of better than anyone else.

How to be Prettier: Combining fashion and literary pursuits, books that are purses.

How to be (less) Awkward: One of the biggest compliments someone can give your relationship is to say that you are not a “clingy couple.” Clingy couples always seem insecure to me—like they are clinging to each other because they don’t have many other friends, or are afraid one of them might stray. Be an independent couple. Trust the other person to make the right decisions when you are not around. Remember that spending a weekend night apart every now and then isn’t fatal. And every once and a while, fall asleep without having a goodnight phone call. If you are with the right person, they will still be there to answer your good morning text the next day.

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How to be Smarter: Here’s a fun news story to include on your email chain with your friends today.

How to be Prettier: Thinning out your closet is one of the fastest ways to become more stylish. The more clothes I have in my closet, the less creative I tend to be with my outfits.

How to be (less) Awkward: Winters are hard because you can’t wait for summer when the days are longer. But everyday it gets lighter for two or three minutes longer, and thought you don’t notice a change, over time it adds up. I tell myself it is that way with everything. You don’t fall in love in an instance, you fall in little ways and over time love grows. You don’t become a whiz at Excel in a day, you use it everyday for work and over time you learn all the shortcuts. You don’t wake up and have a beautiful wardrobe, you build your personal collection piece by piece, over time.

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How to be Smarter: Spend money on things you use everyday, like a down comforter for your bed, or a high-grade toothbrush. It makes more sense to do this than spending money on things you use less often, like a very expensive luggage set or a ballgown dress you only have occasion to wear once a year.

How to be Prettier: Tasteful enough for the office, but stylish enough for Happy Hour.

How to be (less) Awkward: If a boy is texting you on days he knows he can’t see you (he’s on vacation, he already knows you have plans, etc.), he likes you. And once it crosses the threshold of texting more than 4 out of 7 days a week, it is getting serious.

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