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How to be Smarter: Do good and improve your vocabulary.

How to be Prettier: Right now, as your stare at the screen, your face is tensed. Relax. Wrinkles form when your face has made the same expression over and over again. Every once in a while, notice what your face is doing (squinting, tensed, eyebrows raised) and relax it. 
How to be less Awkward: Whether driving or walking, keep up with the flow of traffic. 

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How to be Smarter: Today, for every half hour you spend watching reality TV, reading gossip magazines, looking at Perez Hilton’s, etc., spend an equal amount of time doing something (reading a book, looking at a news website, writing) that enriches your mind. Be amazed by the amount of time activies that do not make you smarter take up in your everyday.

How to be Prettier: Silver nail polish is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

How to be less Awkward: Your belt must be appopriapely sized, or have an extra loop, so it doesn’t stick straight out at the end.

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How to be Smarter: The ideal amount of time experts say you need to sleep to improve brain function is 8.2 to 8.4 hours a night. Start tonight. 

How to be Prettier: Your neck is the biggest giveaway of your age as you get older. Any moisturising products you are putting on your face, include on your neck. This includes sunscreen. 
How to be less Awkward: Being classy is one way to avoid being awkward. Swearing is not classy. To some people, swearing comes off as the sign of an uneducated person. Start limiting or stop swearing all together, today.  

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How to be Smarter: Work on becoming more ambidextrous (ability to use both left and right hands with equal skill). Start by brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand every night. This gives your brain a workout by creating a new pathway for a daily task. 

How to be Prettier: Use lip gloss to smooth brows back into shape when they become unruly. 
How to be less Awkward: If you have to choose between standing awkwardly on the wall and dancing badly on the dance floor, go with the dancing. Nobody actually watches how you dance. Shuffle your feet, move your arms a bit, and try to look like you are having some level of fun. 

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How to be Smarter: When negotiating, know what constitutes a win before you go into it. If you enter any sort of chat with a boss/parent/professor without knowing what YOU want the outcome to be, you will never see it achieved. 

How to be Prettier: Dark jeans are the way to go. No light jeans unless you are a supermodel/have incredibly long, skinny legs. 
How to be less Awkward: Do not be a young adult who is socially stunned. The words “I hate my parents” or “She is so popular” do not leave your lips after the age of 16. Period. 

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