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Shopbop is having a massive sale right now – use discount code MAINEVENT16 for 25% off your order! And, if you spend over $500, you can get 30% off!

Some of my favorite Shopbop items that I own and love are Stance socks (my favorite!), the Commando Ballet Bodysuit, and Paige Denim Transcend Hoxton Ultra Skinny jeans.

The expiration date for the sale: 10/14/16.


October 12, 2016

Hi friends!

Quick favor: If you have ever reached out to a celebrity or influential person via email or social media and gotten a response, I’d love to interview you for a book I’m working on. Please email me at and we can chat more! And feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested.

Thank you!

xo, Molly

August 27, 2016

How to be Smarter: Book Recommendation: The Name Therapist by Duana Taha. This book was a little offbeat, in the best way: it went really deep into what names mean and how they shape your life. It’s also one of those books that I find myself talking about all the time – there was a lot of interesting facts in it that are fun to share in conversation.

How to be Prettier: I’ve been looking for pointy black flats with an ankle strap for a while, and finally found these for under $30 (!).

How to be (less) Awkward: What to do when you’re not sure how to pronounce someone’s name (the websites listed under #1 are so smart).

August 15, 2016

I’ve been honored to be the Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee for Forty Women To Watch Over 40 for the past four years. The annual list celebrates women over 40 who are changing the world in amazing ways.

We just announced the 2016 list of honorees, and it is an excellent resource to look at to find career inspiration, strong role models, and potential mentors.

You can check out the 2016 honorees here.

xo, Molly

August 8, 2016

How to be Smarter: What to think about when reviewing a contract.

How to be Prettier: SP&A Exclusive Discount Code: With the promo code SPABLOG, SP&A readers can get 15% off your entire order at Cool Crazy Crafting. This adorable shop has tons of beautiful coasters: for the teacher in your life,  for the music lover, for the coffee lover, and more. Enjoy!

How to be (less) Awkward: 31 steps to a great presentation: great list to take your speech from idea to execution.

August 2, 2016
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